Beaches around Piso Livadi and Logaras area!


At the tip of a nearby peninsula stands Molos, a breathtakingly stunning and convenient beach near the beautiful inland villages of Marpissa and Marmara, where there are rooms to spare. Beware though, because this beach does get crowded. Nevertheless, its myriad of lodgings in the form of apartments, hotels, and taverns are worth pushing through the rambunctious crowd.


Piso Livadi

Piso Livadi has a beach right in the town.  At one end are swings for kids on the sand.  The rest of the beach has trees and lots of shade.  It is shallow for a little ways and slowly gets deeper.  What makes this beach so nice is a bus goes right past it!  So you can get to it easily from Parikia or Naoussa.  There are lots of different little restaurants next to this beach.



Logaras is just around the corner from Piso Livadi.  This is a fairly long beach also with some trees at one end and 3 or 4 restaurants at the other end.  It is sandy and has a water spout to wash the sea water off.  A great place to sit and eat and watch the bathing beauties walk past.  Good place for children.



Punda beach is located in the south-east part of the island and is very popular for the ongoing party that is organized on the beach. It is relatively small in size but very beautiful, because it will remind you of tropical and exotic places. It is always over-crowded, especially by young people, that enjoy partying and extreme sports such as bungee jumping.



New Golden Beach

It is one of the most famous beach of Paros in the south-east part and you can visit it by bus or by car. It is a very long and wide sandy beach, with spotless waters. It became famous because it offers ideal weather conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing.


Golden Beach

Another major beach is Chrissi Akti, which literally means “Golden Beach” and is a 700 meter long powdery coastline that’s famous for its perfect wind conditions for windsurfing. In any case, the beach is fully organized with windsurf rentals that anyone can avail of in all the clubs and resorts there.



South of Drios, there’s a 200 meter long beach called Loloantonis that’s protected from the Meltemi winds or Etesians—which are the strong, dry winds of the Aegean sea that are dangerous to sailors because they appear even during clear weather—by a headland filled with rocks. The beaches are not usually crowded, and the resort features a snack shop and a small tavern.