Piso Livadi  & Logaras – Rooms & Studios List

Unit Name




Afroditi Studios Logaras 2284041430 2284041975
Alexandra’s Inn
Logaras 2284041858
Anna’s Inn Piso Livadi 2284041320
Anchorage Rooms Piso Livadi 2284041322
Logaras 2284041900
Casper’s Studios Piso Livadi 2284041835
Christina Studios Piso Livadi 2284041817
Deep Blue
Logaras 2284042016
Dinna’s Inn Piso Livadi 2284041418
Elena Piso Livadi 2284041082
Free Sun
Logaras 2284042808
Iliachtida Piso Livadi 2284041591
Kostas & Ioanna
Logaras 2284043086
New Apartment
Piso Livadi 2284041880
Nicos Studios
Logaras 2284041573
Margarita Studios Piso Livadi 2284042197
Logaras 2284041456
Panorama Piso Livadi 2284042498
Paradise Piso Livadi 2284041378
Petrino Spiti Logaras 2284041367
Ragousis House Logaras 2284041538
Stavros Studios Logaras 2284041597
Villa Giorgio Piso Livadi 2284041713
Villa Melina Piso Livadi 2284041474
Vrochaki Piso Livadi 2284041423


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